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About Lap Band Weight Loss .com

Lap Band - Oregon/Washington
Special self pay package. 90 minute drive from Portland. Free siminars- meet Dr. Neal and staff.

"My friend and I were both banded by Dr. Neal. We would do it again in a heart beat! Dr Neal and his staff are the best!"

Kathy in Oregon

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A letter from the Editor and Founder of LBWL

Welcome to Lap Band Weight Loss!

My Lap Band weight loss journey began in April 2007, after catching a glimpse of a Lap Band commercial on late night TV. I spent a lot of time researching about it online, went to a local seminar in June and finally decided this was definitely for me. Iím so very happy to tell you I was banded August 21, 2007!

To make a long story short, in the process of all the research I did in preparation for my surgery and new way of life, I saw a very glaring need in our bandster community for organization. We shouldnít have to go hither and yawn to get each piece of information, support or needed products, etc. Being a Web Developer by trade, I created this web site as the site I wished for as a bandster.

This site was founded by a bandster, for bandsters. As such, it will constantly be changing to meet bandster needs. I invite your comments, requests and contributions. Letís come together in one main place to share our strengths and talents to help each other. I hope you enjoy your time here at LBWL and return often.


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